Professionals Public Liability

Your Public Liability Insurance policy will cover your legal liability to pay damages in the event of a third party (member of the public) sustaining bodily injury, death or damage to their property or person as a result of your business activities.

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Tradesman Insurance

Helps the tradesman defend themselves against any allegations or wrong doings to a third party and in the event that it is proved that the tradesman was indeed negligent, and had either injured or caused damage to another the Public Liability Insurance would pay damages awarded up to the level of the cover the tradesman has chosen.

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Employers Liability

This is a legal requirement for all employers. The Employers Liability (Compulsory insurance) Act 1969 sets out a minimum level of Employers Liability required currently at £5,000,000 (although most insurers offer £10,000,000 as standard cover).

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Public Liability Insurance - Typical Areas of Exposure

There are now many areas where your business can get exposed to risks. Public Liability Insurance helps protect you against these types of claims, for example your liability policy can cover you for the following:

The standard policies usually extend to cover UK , Northern Ireland , the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man , although we can place cover 'Worldwide' including USA and Canada with UK jurisdiction and in some cases we can place public liability risks with worldwide cover outside the jurisdiction of the UK .

A public liability policy can extended also to cover such events as:

So a Public Liability policy clearly help you or your business protect against a vast number of possible exposures.

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