Tradesman Insurance - Public and Employers Liability

The types of covers that a tradesman may need to consider:

There are many ways that a firm large or small could need to call on their Tradesman Liability Insurance policy. In the main the Public Liability policy for tradesman is to help the tradesman (builder, construction, contractor, carpenter, plumber or electrician etc) defend themselves against any allegations or wrongdoings to a third party and, in the event that it is proved that the tradesman was indeed negligent, and had either injured or caused damage to another, the public liability insurance would pay damages awarded up to the level of the cover the tradesman has chosen. Most Public Liability policies start from a minimum of £1,000,000 but it would not be uncommon for a tradesman to have £5,000,000 cover, particularly if the tradesman was working on larger projects.

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Of course the Public Liability Insurance policy can be extended from the basic type of covers offered to include:

It is also a very good idea for a tradesman or building contractor to have a Contractors All Risk policy. This would cover the tradesman for mistakes on the client's own goods being worked on and also things like materials on site etc. This type of policy can be bought as a package to include Public Liability and other types of risks that a tradesman faces in the day to day running of their business.

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